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Our Ventura County, CA Farmers and Growers

Fresh fruits and vegetables are sourced from a wide range of Ventura County farmers and growers who are committed to producing for school cafeterias. Participating school districts are currently procuring foods from local farmers and growers for use in school meals and cafeteria salad bars such as carrots, salad greens, citrus, peppers and persimmons.

The Abundant Table: Carrots and Lettuce

Located in Cammarillo, CA, The Abundant Table is a grassroots, nonprofit organization that runs a certified, organic four-acre farm and supports farm education and field trip opportunities.

McGrath Family Farm: Peas

The McGrath Family Farm is run by an Irish-American family and has been around for five generations. Located on the coast of Southern California, the farm grows a high diversity of year-round certified, organic fruits and vegetables.

San Miguel Produce, Inc.: Kale

Started in 1975, San Miguel Produce, Inc., is a sustainable family farm focused on growing quality, nutrient-dense greens. It specializes in dark, leafy greens, like the kale we source from them.

Deardorff Family Farms: Broccoli

Deardorff Family Farms was started in 1937 in Los Angeles and has been in the Deardorff family for four generations. The company sources crops from various growers in the area and distributes them from a central processing and shipping facility.

Churchill Orchard: Mandarins

Located in the Ojai Valley, Churchill Orchard grows certified, organic tangerines, mandarins, and avocados, providing delicious, locally sourced citrus to our program.

Underwood Family Farms: Peppers and Carrots

With locations in Somis and Moorpark, CA, Underwood Family Farms are local to Ventura County, CA. They offer pick-your-own produce days, educational opportunities, and high quality sustainable produce.

Allied Avocados and Citrus: Oranges

Allied Avocados and Citrus is a grower and packer located in Fillmore, CA. They pack their own certified organic fruit as well as fruit from other growers.

Aliso Canyon Ranch: Persimmons

Located in Santa Paula, CA, Aliso Canyon Ranch provides delicious persimmons for Ventura County school meals.

King and King Ranch: Mandarins and Avocados

The King and King Ranch is situated in Fillmore, CA, growing fantastic mandarins and avocados that we source for school meals in Ventura County.

Pablo’s Produce: Lettuce and Cabbage

Pablo’s Produce is a family owned and operated company growing produce on about 2,200 acres in Ventura County and providing our local schools with lettuce and cabbage.

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