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VC Farm to School’s Harvest of the Month Program

Harvest of the Month is VCF2S’s primary nutrition education effort.  Each month, a different Ventura County grown fruit or vegetable is introduced to 10,000 students across participating school districts.  This program is designed to connect classrooms to cafeterias and local farms. Students who engage in the Harvest of the Month program become healthier, more adventurous eaters in the cafeteria, and develop an appreciation for fresh, Ventura County-grown produce, the farmers who grow it, the harvesters who pick it and the food service staff who prepare it.

Growing Healthy Students in Ventura County

This program is designed to connect the cafeteria, the classroom, and the farm so that the students have a full understanding of their food.

  • In the classroom:  Students learn about the featured fruit or vegetable and the farmers who grew it followed by a comparative taste test that engages all five senses.  If resources allow, students can develop their culinary skills by learning to prepare a specialty Harvest of the Month salad. This salad highlights the featured crop and is served during lunch in the cafeteria.

  • In the cafeteria:  School food service departments purchase the Harvest of the Month crops from the local farmers for use in school meals.  The featured crop is served fresh on salad bars throughout the month, and a specialty Harvest of the Month salad is served weekly.

  • In the garden:  School gardens are great places to engage in an array of subject areas, in addition to growing good, whole food.  Students learn to grow Harvest of the Month crops. These crops are harvested for hands-on cooking lessons and sold or donated to the cafeteria for use in school meals.

Learn how you can support Harvest of the Month!